BackOffice for Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is measurable. With our Web-BackOffice you are now able to measure your performance as a Remote Viewer very easily and quickly. You will get almost an unlimited number of Remote Viewing Targets subdivided into different levels of difficulty as well as statistical evaluation und other tools.

You have always been looking for a tool that can measure your performance as a Remote Viewer to be able to constantly check your capabilities in Remote Viewing? Then our Web-BackOffice for Remote Viewing is the right choice for you.



Description of the BackOffice-Training-Area:

  • Tasks

    • Unlimited number of coordinates and tasks (targets) possible
    • Tasks can be subdivided into levels of difficulty
    • Exact feedback to the second
  • Own detailed statistics in numbers and pictures

    • Measuring the performance of the last 20 sessions
    • Measuring the performance 20 sessions each
    • Measuring the performance „All time“
    • Measuring the performance „On-Target/Off-Target“
  • Archiving & Statistics:

    • Complete archive (print, audio and video)
    • Correction-feedback
    • Individual notes
  • Teaching videos:

    • Integration of teaching videos possible

Description of the BackOffice-Project-Area:

  • Tasks

    • Unlimited number of coordinates and tasks (targets) possible
    • Individual feedback
  • Own detailed statistics in numbers and pictures

    • Enter the desired period – done!
  • Archiving & Statistics

    • Complete archive
    • Correction-feedback
    • Individual notes

Description of the BackOffice-Administration-Area:

  • Overview

    • FAQ
    • Diary
    • Download area
    • Operating Manual
    • Search
    • Modern SaaS-Solution
    • Worldwide access
    • Free technical telephone and e-mail support
    • All updates and upgrades free of charge
    • and much more

Technical requirements for the BackOffice:

  • Hardware and softwareindependent, no installation required, browser-based

Technical data of the BackOffice:

  • Current version: 2017/01/03

Languages of the BackOffice:

  • English, German, Italian

Your investment for the BackOffice:

  • 598,00 EUR per year
  • All prices of the website include 20% VAT.

Contact and ordering the BackOffice for Remote Viewing:

  • If you have any questions about the BackOffice, or want to order the BackOffice simply call us
    International: +43(0)4214/293-21

  • or simply send an email to: services[at]




What users say about our BackOffice for Remote Viewing

„This is really a very comfortable and effective way to learn Remote Viewing. I'm very happy about that.“

Ursula R.

„Great new Gadgets in the BackOffice.”

Anton V.

„Practicing with the BackOffice is absolutely great and motivating! A really great thing!“

Anita F.